When searching for a professional web design company you need to consider many more aspects then just a pretty portfolio. Inventus Solutions believe that building a web site is not just an art form but must be looked at from a business and strategic viewpoint.

Every website has a business objective, and the best web design companies implement websites that can help a small company compete with the big companies. Our Company guarantee that our clients acquire a professional website that will not only achieve all its business objectives, but surpass your expectations.

Another important part of our business web design strategy is to achieve a significant return on investment. We will make sure that our valued client spends your money wisely on projects that will be beneficial, whilst also advising you if an idea or a part of a project is unlikely to generate a return on your investment.

Standards for buliding website

  • Coding: will be optimised for fastest possible downloading.
  • Images: will be optimised for fastest possible downloading.
  • Different Platform Compliant: Website will work on all major platforms – e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Apple Macs etc.
  • Different Screen Compliant: Website will work on all screen resolutions – e.g. it will look good on smaller 800 X 600 screens and just as good on newer 1280 X 1024 Flat Screens
  • Technology Used: The website will be built in CSS which is the current standard, as opposed to using tables which is an older technology.
  • Search Engine Optimised: The website will be built fully optimised for the various search engines.
  • Secure: We use the latest security systems for protecting self-updating web sites.